Friday, 10 May 2013

Eccles Pike Topograph Returns

A Topograph was placed at Eccles Pike, near Chapel-en-le-Frith in the Peak District, as a community effort to mark the millennium. The original was a bronze ring, 20ft in circumference, with a ‘relief’ of the surrounding hills. It illustrated the 360 degree panoramic view and detailed the landmarks seen from this viewpoint.

It was paid for and placed there by members of the community including High Peak Borough Council, Chapel Civic Society, Chinley School and the National Trust.

In early November 2011 the Topograph was stolen, presumably for scrap metal value as it was made of bronze. On Tuesday 7 May 2013 a new Topograph was placed on Eccles Pike. It is identical to the first but this time made out of a material that holds no monetary value to hopefully reduce the chance of further theft. It has also been treated with Smart Water and other hidden security markings so if it does go missing again it will be easy to trace.