Monday, 30 January 2012

Search under way for missing Hope Cross capstone

UPDATE: The capstone has now been found - dumped in a passing place on a road near Bradwell, Hope Valley.

Article on BBC news website:

Hope Cross base
The capstone was taken sometime after Christmas
Rangers in Derbyshire's Peak District are urging anyone who knows where a missing historic landmark may be to come forward.

The capstone from the 270-year-old Hope Cross, which marks the boundary of the villages of Hope and Edale, disappeared just after Christmas.
National Trust senior warden Shane Bates said after a month of searching there was no trace of the capstone.
Anyone with information about the stone should contact the National Trust.
"We have been around the surrounding area, in the woodland and up and down the trackway to see if people have tried to move it, then got rid of it because it was too heavy," Mr Bates said.
He believes the Grade II listed piece of stone, which forms the top of the Hope Cross, may have been taken at night.
The value of the stone was more historical than monetary, he added.