Friday, 24 April 2015

Natural Art in Ilam Park

Look out for natural art sculptures in Ilam Park!

This April, University of Derby Yr2 Fine Art students took part in a 4 day residency at Ilam Park, in the Peak District. 

Using locally found natural materials, the students made artwork in response to the landscape, including hazel coppiced in the Manifold valley, sheep wool and broken china found whilst digging in the Ilam Park.

The project is part of an educational partnership between the National Trust and University of Derby, now in its 14th year. It is a great opportunity for the students to work outside of the studio, use new materials and talk about their work with
members of the public during the process.

The sculptures will evolve with the weather and wildlife over the coming weeks, so we are not sure for how long they will last. 

uge thanks to the artists, their enthusiasm and respect for the site, there have already been great responses from visitors spotting the sculptures during their walks. 

Tracey Harris
Charlotte Jones
Tracey King
Nathan Reddish
Hayley Blackwell
Elyse Bennett
Dan Carlisle
Denis O'Connor   

All of the sculptures are visible from the footpaths. Pick up a free trail map to help you find the sculptures, available from the shop or visitor centre at Ilam Park.

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