Friday, 25 October 2013

Discovering Fungi!

(c) John Leach
(c) John Leach
For one whole day, on Saturday 2nd November, the National Trust’s Longshaw Estate in the Peak District will be devoted to its magical world of fungi! A variety of fungi-themed activities for all ages can be enjoyed, including walks and trails and hands-on crafts and displays, based at the Moorland Discovery Centre from 10:30am – 3:30pm.

Longshaw is famous for its beautiful and rare fungi.  With at least 600 different species recorded which range from the majestic to the downright weird, there’s the chance to spot all kinds of wonderful mushrooms, including the bright and colourful waxcaps, which thrive on the Longshaw meadows.

Self-led fungi-spotting trails will allow families to explore the wonders of Longshaw freely, whilst guided walks by the experts (the fun-guys themselves!) will provide fascinating insights and information about the world of fungi for curious minds. Hands-on crafts activities will bring create a new arty connection with fungi, all set to the backdrop of colourful displays. 

The National Trust’s Visitor Experience Officer, Jenny Gerrans, says: “Our Discovering Fungi day is a great chance for people at all levels of learning to find out more about these incredible life-forms!  Everyone is welcome to join in and see what they can spot at this peak time of the year for fungi.  It is also a chance for us to ask people to please treat fungi with care and not to pick them but to leave them in their place to spread their spores and so that other visitors can benefit from seeing them too.”

Tickets: All £3, with no booking required.

The Moorland Discovery Centre is a short walk down into the woods near the Foxhouse pub on the Longshaw Estate, S11 7TZ.
Bus service: 272 from Castleton; 65, 214 & 272 from Sheffield. Car parking available.

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