Monday, 12 August 2013

We have an allotment plot in Sheffield

National Trust Peak District become tenants of a Sheffield Allotment plot in Partnership with Sheffield Organic Food Initiative (SOFI).

The National Trust have just signed the tenancy agreement on an allotment on the Hagg Lane Site, Sheffield. This is an exciting new project set up by the National Trust, Peak District team and the Sheffield Organic Food Initiative. 

The objective of the site is to create a shared community growing space, working in conjunction with Sheffield Organic Food Initiative, which also engages with younger volunteers. Together they will develop the site into an Edible Food Garden where mainly perennial fruit and vegetables are grown. This type of gardening mimics the structure and function of forest ecosystems, and requires choosing and planting a range of diverse and productive crops for food, wood, dyes, herbs and so on. It can also include spaces for relaxing and growing vegetables.

Currently the site is over grown but has many fruit trees and bushes and some structural features and volunteers are sought to get involved in tidying up the plot and helping with the planning for the sites development. It is on the Hagg Lane site over looking Rivelin Valley and has good links to public transport meaning it will be easy for the local community to get involved which we are actively encouraging.

Rachel Mora-Bannon, Peak District Volunteer Programmes Manager says’ We are really excited about this partnership in Sheffield. We are going to take some of the expertise in fruit and vegetable gardening we have gained in the Longshaw Kitchen Garden and share it with the young people of Sheffield. Working with SOFI and their knowledge in organic gardening and permaculture will enable us to explore new techniques away from more traditional gardening.’ 
Individuals who are interested in volunteering on the project are invited to contact Rachel by email at

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