Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Penny Pot Cafe Alterations

The National Trust Estate Team were given the task of creating a new seating area at the Penny Pot Café on a derelict piece of land where before an old shed had stood. The idea was to create a seating terrace providing more space for people to sit.

There were rough steep steps leading to a concrete base where we believe dog kennels had been previously.

The concrete base had small walls which had to be knocked down to provide a level platform.
Having dismantled the shed and transported the rubbish away, of which there was plenty, we dug out the old steps.

The team then put up a post and rail fence around the concrete base to prevent people falling down the steep banks. This involved digging in 24 posts to a depth of three and a half feet; which was very hard work! The rails were then added and instead of steps, a ramp was built to provide easier access for prams and wheelchair users. The ramp was two foot above the ground in places and had to be shored up with timber boards. Due to the difficult access we used our powered wheelbarrow to transport the materials from the roadside, round to the back of the café.

A small dry stone wall was built in front of the timber to make a decorative feature and a fencing panel was inserted to screen off the car parking area.

Custom built picnic benches have been ordered for the terrace which is situated under the tree canopy and offers welcome shade during very warm weather.

The Estate Team were sustained throughout the hot weather by the hospitality of Pat Furness and Susan Chapman, the friendly catering staff who work at the Penny Pot Café.

Steve Lindop
Ranger – Estate Team Supervisor

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