Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Keele University bid to take over Peak District!

Out of the 13 full-time countryside staff in the Dark Peak, there are now 3 graduates from Keele University!

Shane Bates, Senior Warden graduated in Biology and Geology in 1979; Jonathan Leyland, Estate Worker graduated from the same course in 1985; and Kait Jones studied Biology and Maths and graduated in 2003. It is interesting that we all did Biology.

Are there any more Keele graduates out there?

Jonathan Leyland, Estate Worker, Peak District.

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  1. These "Keele Konnections" occur frequently and we try to mention some in our annual forever: keele magazine. The Keele experience means that Keele alumni - perhaps more than most - can and do get more "excited" than alumni of most universities when they come across fellow members of the Keelite tribe!