Thursday, 3 March 2011

Mudlarks at Longshaw 'The Destroyers'

Tuesday 22nd Feb, about a dozen Mudlarks emerged from the mist and assembled at Longshaw. 
 Too many persons for the designated task so the group was split; the creators, planting tree saplings, and the destroyers, to slash and burn rhodos. 
 I was in the second group and my first task was to light a fire.  Unfortunately the twigs were sodden to the core but with paper and a few firelighters, flames were created, apart from singeing my hat, moisture was driven out of the twigs which quickly put the fire out!
Vigorous fanning for about half an hour finally established a fire.  Breaking for lunch we resolved some of the country’s problems.
As groups stopped, John pounced engaging them in conversation.  Not sure if he was explaining what we were doing or recruiting potential bell ringers but all left smiling.  
At the end of the day our task was completed, all the previously cut brash was burnt together with all that we had cut. A satisfactory day at Longshaw concluded.

Keith Saunders, Mudlarks

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