Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Skill Sharing Days at Longshaw

Today saw the first of the ‘skill sharing’ days at the Longshaw estate. Set up for staff and volunteers, it enables them to experience other aspects of the National Trust’s work in the Peak District, while having the opportunity to walk away with some valuable skills.

Today was a ‘baking day’, with five volunteers, including myself, trying their hand at baking in the kitchens of the Longshaw visitor centre under the watchful eye of Sue, the catering supervisor. All of the cakes and other delicious goodies on sale at Longshaw are made fresh onsite by Sue and her team, so she was the perfect person to help nurture the growing skills of those taking part. Despite the group ranging from novices to those who had baked for themselves for many years, everyone was able to learn something new and five perfect Victoria Sponges and Bakewell Tarts were created.

A brilliant time was had by all and a mornings baking seems especially worth it when topped off with a slice of Victoria Sponge that was made by your own hands! Skill sharing days are a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and understand another aspect of what makes the estate up as a whole. All those who attended were determined to try out the recipes at home, including Dave, our brave novice and only man!

Kate, Visitor Experience Intern

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  1. That sounds brilliant! I'm looking forward to meeting Jill soon to talk about volunteering at Longshaw. A wonderful place!